Spring Cleaning….

Its officially Spring now and despite the fact that the state of Michigan is having a hard time recognizing this new season; I’m embracing it. The first thing I’ve been wanting to do is to deep clean my house! Its been a long winter and I’m ready to open the windows and let the fresh air in. (insert birds singing and rabbits hopping about)

My desire to clean may have started when I was looking around my house the other day. I started noticing things, things that maybe the winter sky had occluded from my vision. Like the dust on our ceiling fan and the scuff marks and finger prints on the door. By sharing with you these discoveries, I hope you don’t find me “a failure” but really just a busy mom that over the course of the winter, forgot to dust the ceiling fan, and clean the door, etc. I think we’ve all been there in one way or another. So after viewing my surroundings I just knew that it was time to get serious…

As a small disclaimer: I’ll be honest – cleaning isn’t a fun hobby for me. I don’t get excited at the thought of washing windows and vacuuming. I’d much rather be outside digging in my flower beds or baking something – but its a necessary job that has to be done.

A few things that I have done so far to start the process is to:

  1. Clean the ceiling fans
  2. Go around the room and wipe down the ceilings with my Norwex mop to gather any dust or cobwebs that may have crept in.
  3. Wash all the curtains in the house/and the windows indoors. (It was raining outside so I still need to clean them outside.)
  4. Wash our reversible shower curtain and hang it on the “summer side”.
  5. Wash the rugs in front of the doors.
  6. This isn’t cleaning – but I re-organized all of Colin’s clothes and have a big pile ready to consign and/or bring to the Alpha Women’s Center.

Some things that I still have yet to accomplish:

  1. Wash all the kitchen cabinets and reorganize them.
  2. Thoroughly clean my fridge and freezers.
  3. Clean the vents.
  4. Wash the baseboards and walls.
  5. Go through the kids toys and books and donate what we aren’t using.

I should clarify also that my normal cleaning routine is below:

  1. Vacuum all rooms
  2. Mop tile/wood flooring
  3. Dust shelves, end tables and lamps
  4. Clean the toilet/countertops and bathtub/shower
  5. Wash the mirrors
  6. And about once a week I use a bleach powder on my kitchen sinks

Spring break is next week and I have big plans to get my list accomplished. I’ll let you know how it goes! 😉 I’ll admit, I’m not worried about the cleaning part as much as the getting rid of part. I’m a work in progress.




2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning….

  1. I love getting rid of stuff!! 🙂 Cleaning I would rather skip, give me five totes of clothes to go through and I’ll do it in a heartbeat, give me a list of things to clean and I’ll happily stalk people on FB for hours before attempting to clean anything. 🙂
    Happy cleaning this week!

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